Vote for Better On Demand Reporting

It has a few votes, but I have to believe anyone doing webinars, and then offering them on demand, has to want to be able to report on the attendees that watched the recording.

Today there is no way to simply generate a report that tells me who has watched the on demand recording.

If I want that data, I have to look at each webinar’s report. Imagine if you have 100 webinars. You simply won’t do it.

If you think this is valuable, please vote for it at

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I agree @john.90fb1bab that’s why I already voted on it. We run into the same issues especially since On Demand is more and more important nowadays.

We do have some workarounds but they are not ideal. It all depends on the data you want/need. I can share them if you want?

Oh goodness, I would love anything you have come up with.

It is totally driving me crazy to have to go back and webinar by webinar see if folks have attended on demand.

My email is if you prefer to send it that way.

Have you ever used the Custom Leads report under Power Leads in Analytics? It allows you to set date ranges or enter a string of event IDs and set report criteris, such as On Demand attendance. It even specifies minutes viewed and last date viewed. I don’t know if you need Advanced Analytics for this. It’s a fantastic report!

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